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After a year - suspects arrested in murder of Israeli scientist

A year after the hotel in Acco was set on fire during the Operation Guardians of the Wall, suspects in the murder of the scientist have been arrested.

Two young men from Acco were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of the former head of the space agency, Avi Har Even, a year after the hotel where he was staying was set on fire. To date, no charges have been filed for the murder of Har Even, 84.

The two are the first detainees in the affair, who are suspected of murder. In the past, indictments have been filed against suspects in arson incidents, but no indictments have been filed for the murder. The investigation is being conducted under a restraining order.

Source: Ynet - Photo: IsraelDefense

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21:53 16.04.2023
It’s a obvious they don’t want you investigate, so you can’t find out the truth
Rhoda Wright 10:54 08.06.2022
There should be No Retraining orders for finding out the truth