Large arms smuggling stopped: 24 pistols and hundreds of thousands of shekels in cash were seized!

Fighters from the Yigal unit of the Northern District, who were waiting in ambush with IDF fighters near the Argaman settlement in the Jordan Valley, this morning identified a suspect approaching the border fence.

The unit's police arrested the suspect, a 29-year-old resident of Jericho, in possession of a bag containing 24 pistols and 80,000 Jordanian dinars in cash. Since the beginning of the year, the unit has thwarted six smuggling attempts and seized 169 weapons.

Well done Israeli Police and IDF!

# Israeli Police # Border Police # Security # Arab Crime Wave in Israel
Desiree Siefkas 23:02 25.04.2022
This will all end when JESUS CHRIST arrives back in Jerusalem. JESUS said we would be begging for HIM to come back. This is how bad it is going to get.
Dennis Bell 19:03 25.04.2022
Give the pistols to Israelis. Reverse the coarse.
J R 15:48 25.04.2022
May The Soveigned Lord,guide and protect Israel.
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