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Russia and Iran battle over oil field in Syria 

Hezbollah is building a mortar shell and artillery plant southeast of Homs 

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia supporting the regime's forces in Syria has completed the construction of a mortar and artillery bomb factory in the Syrian Badia area, southeast of Homs.

Sources told Syria TV channel. Because Lebanese Hezbollah has completed the construction of a factory to produce artillery shells and rockets, in addition to spare parts for heavy-duty machine guns, 14.5 and 23 mm caliber, in the military warehouses of the Mohin complex, southeast of Homs, with the aim of increasing their ammunition inventory and saving transportation costs.

The sources added that within the same plant a production line was established specializing for the production of heavy mines, and in the Mohin warehouses two buildings were allocated for the same purpose.

These activities of the Iranian and Lebanese militias come at a time when Russia is seeking to take over the Khanifis oil field, which is under the control of the Revolutionary Guards militia, having previously taken over the al-Savannah field, southwest of Tadmor.

In the past, five gunmen were killed and others wounded, in an unknown missile attack aimed at the outskirts of Mohin's military depots, southeast of Homs.

ince mid-February, regime forces have been trying to carry out extensive scans in the Syrian desert, but the organization's cells have repeatedly attacked its military convoys destined to take part in the campaign before reaching the region.

On March 6, a military night bus belonging to the regime forces was attacked, in which 13 members of the regime forces were killed and another 18 were injured east of the T-3 station in the Palmyra desert.

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