Operation "Breaking Dawn"
BREAKING: Missile barrages fired at Gush Dan [VIDEOS]

IDF Spokesperson: We are checking all reports in all areas.

Reports that Iron Dome is being used when needed.

# Operation "Breaking Dawn" # Iron Dome
Patricia Maple 20:15 05.08.2022
Prayers for Israel
18:57 05.08.2022
God’s protection. “No, the guardian of Isra’el never slumbers or sleeps.” Psalms 121:4 ‭‭
Pebo Bohannon 18:51 05.08.2022
Annihilate the scum terrorists! Prayers for Israel!🇮🇱🙏
18:30 05.08.2022
There are many people praying for Israel even right now.
18:26 05.08.2022
Lord dispatch your angels to help and protect Israel.
18:17 05.08.2022
God protection for Israel!
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