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IDF reveals how they killed Hamas engineers

This is how the top Hamas engineers were eliminated in the operation "Guardian of the Walls": "They were buried"

During the operation, the IDF launched the "Goliath City" plan, the details of which are revealed for the first time, in which a huge bunker branched off in tunnels under civilian buildings in Gaza City."

The evening of May 10, 2021, the IDF chief of staff approved the "Goliath city" attack plan, which is now being unveiled for the first time at Walla! Hiding in a ramified system of tunnels at the top of Hamas' research, development and manufacturing weapons, the challenge of attacking the bunker was enormous, as it was built (not by chance) under buildings containing civilians.

According to IDF estimates, apart from senior Hamas figures who were killed, 50% of the rocket's production capacity and 75% of the Islamic Jihad's production capacity were damaged in the operation.

Hamas is rebuilding its military force, after which the question arose of how the IDF had such precise intel that was so obvious in the attack of "The Metro", the system of tunnels that Hamas has built for more than 15 years below Gaza City.

Photo: IDF Spokesperson

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All the donations of the world USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and Other Muslim nations went to building tunnels under civilians residence. No matter what you invented to destroy innocent lives will never be successful.