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Watch: Tel Aviv beach musician discovered by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 front man introduced her as “That street musician who did not know that I would come knocking at her door and have her come play with us.”

When Maroon 5 performed in Israel recently, lead vocalist Adam Levine brought an unknown artist up on stage to sing the band’s hit “Sunday Mornings” with him at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park to an audience of 70,000.

Levine described how Coral Bismuth’s voice came wafting up to his hotel balcony overlooking Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv. He recalled that she “played for hours, and I couldn’t get enough, such a soulful, beautiful voice. And then she started playing one of our songs, ‘Sunday Morning,’ and she killed that. So I asked her to come perform.”

Photo: Israel21C / Video: Youtube



Does the article interest you?
Tricia Creighton 17:41 07.10.2022
Great opportunity for her, could have done it without cuss words yes, but hopefully she will be motivated as she has great voice!
Thomas Kopper 16:56 07.10.2022
Yes when you use a lot of foul language it just shows how much intelligence you have plus God hates foul language so think before you speak!
09:21 07.10.2022
It was okay: the person who introduced her used some Foul language, not good. She has a nice voice. Blessings to you All! ♥️🇮🇱♥️✝️♥️🕊