People of the IDF
Shabbat Shalom to all of you and our soldiers who protect us 24/7

While we Israelis are all at home, sitting down to a nice Shabbat meal with our family, Young men and women, efficiently trained and taught, are doing what they do 24/7 - guarding, training and fighting so that we can all enjoy our lives in Israel!

We salute them and send them our gratitude, whether they are regular soldiers, reserves or professional.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Henry Lee 06:24 14.05.2022
May the good Lord be with you Israel.
blair jensen 03:33 14.05.2022
Shabbat Shalom, May the Lord bless and keep you! Protect Israel and Jerusalem!
Diane Sweetman 03:21 14.05.2022
Shabbat shalom…blessing to all those that protect Israel May Yahweh be will you!
John Cox 03:16 14.05.2022
Shabbat Shalom. May God be with you all.
Aurora Arcilla 02:56 14.05.2022
Shabbat Shalom! Wishing you all is well! Salute to all soldiers!
Bro Hes 02:53 14.05.2022
All is well that ends and begins well: and that happens when we Jews see a trace of Heaven once Shabbat is here again until Saturday sunset. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
pflip521 02:41 14.05.2022
Shabbat Shalom. The Lord keep you and protect you.
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