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Dramatic video: Deadly flooding leaves streets submerged in Saudi Arabia

Biblical floods sweep through Islamic Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Flash floods hit Saudi Arabia's city of Mecca on Friday morning following a night of torrential rain, damaging vehicles, and properties in the city.
Video footage of the flash floods shows vehicles being swept away by torrents of water, while several main roads were closed off. 
Mecca endured torrential rain through Thursday night and into Friday morning. The National Centre of Meteorology issued a weather warning in the Mecca province on Friday as the rain continued to fall.

Source/Video 301 The Arab World, Telegram

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19:43 24.12.2022
Who couldn’t see if they wanted. Just a prelude to what’s coming. Praise God.
Shirley Anne 18:49 24.12.2022
Biblical Prophecy coming to pass 👍🏼 Don’t mess with HaShem, the G-d of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov. He says what He means and means what He says, He doesn’t change - Malachi 3:6
Pam Delangre 13:32 24.12.2022
Tears from heaven, heed the warning 😞
Linda Trollinger 12:40 24.12.2022
I do
Connie Norwood 12:19 24.12.2022
Yes I do he is Speaking very loud, but I think that he’s fixing to speak a little louder
Linda Bullock 12:04 24.12.2022
Does anyone else see God’s Mighty Hand in all of this?