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Israel as a role model for Arab countries, imagine that!

On their second anniversary, it can be said that the Abraham Accords constitute an ideological breakthrough of Biblical magnitude.

In repeated visits to the Gulf, my Arab interlocutors have emphasized that they seek nothing less than to redefine the identity and global image of Arab Moslems and that they see Israel’s blending of tradition with enlightenment as a role model for this.

Imagine that: Israel as a role model for modernizing moderate Arab societies! This is so encouraging, and indeed empowering to me, as a Jew and as an Israeli. It gives new meaning to the Biblical prophesy that “From Zion, Torah shall go forth, and the word of G-d from Jerusalem.”

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Tuin Boon 13:10 21.09.2022
Be careful. We all know how Troye was captured!
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