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WATCH - Palestinian Prime Minister: The Biden administration has not honored its promises

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said in a January 26, 2023 interview on France 24 TV that the Palestinians rejoiced when U.S. President Joe Biden was elected to replace Trump, but that the only promise the U.S. has honored is to start funding UNRWA again.

He said that the two-state solution is still on the table, that the Palestinians and the world have faith in it, and that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank can be removed. He warned, however, that the two-state solution may not be viable because of demographic reasons.

Source: France 24 Arabic TV (France)

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Selina 02:05 31.01.2023
There is only one state: The State of Israel. That is all.
Michael Nicholls 00:39 31.01.2023
Make up the two state solution to recognize a bunch of bandits who dont own a grain of sand in the Land
Jeane Frady 00:34 31.01.2023
Of course they did. They knew Biden was not going to be a strong president, but a milquetoast puppet
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