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Tweet from Yoav Kisch (MK Likud) - This has never done in the Knesset!

1. The ruling government is planning discrimination between the coalition and the opposition that distorts the election results of the people of Israel. This plan will give the opposition an excess of seats on the Women's Status Committee at the expense of the Finance Committee. The government is skewing the representation in the "core committees" and giving excess representation in the secondary committees.

This crushing of democracy has never been done before!

2. In addition, the attempt to "Divide and Rule" of the opposition along with a desire of the strengthen the "Arab Common List" at the expense of the Zionist parties in the opposition. 

The Likud has 30 seats with 2 seats on the Finance Committee, guess how many seats did the joint list receive with 6 seats? 2 also??? How?

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Cindy Stromberg 19:10 11.07.2021
Gee, this sounds like our American Government! And that DOESN'T make it correct!
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