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WATCH: When Israel’s Navy SEALS Changed the Course of History

In 2002, a small cargo ship sailed across the Red Sea. As a storm approached, the crew continued their work. In the dark and amidst rough waters, a team of elite Israeli operators from Shayetet 13, Israel’s Navy seals, secretly boarded the ship.

To understand why Shayetet 13 was boarding a seemingly innocent ship in the middle of hostile territory, we must go back and look at the events leading up to the operation known as "Noah's Ark."

The Karine A affair, also known as Operation "Noah's Ark" (Hebrew: מבצע תיבת נוחromanized: Mivtza Teyvat Noah), was an Israeli military action in January 2002 in which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) forces seized MV Karine A, which, according to the IDF, was a Palestinian freighter in the Red Sea

Source - Agilite/Youtube

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Real men!
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Rock the night. Ship interdiction is what they do well.
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