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BIBLE VIDEO: Secrets of the Ark of the Covenant

It wandered through the desert with the Israelite tribes, miraculously crossed the Jordan River with them, and in the Land of Israel struck terror into the hearts of Philistines and Israelites alike.ย 

What was it about the Ark that made it the holiest, most venerated object for the Israelite tribes? 

And why, when King David tried to mold Jerusalem into the spiritual center of the Jewish people, did the Ark of the Covenant play such a central role?


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07:53 21.07.2023
After reading and following the Arc in the Bible, I believe that it is hidden in Israel because if anyone else actually had it, they too would be doomed and send it back.
Gerald Jencks 19:47 19.07.2023
Ron Wyatt claimed to have found it where it belongs under Mount Zion. The Temple will rebuild on Mount Zion where it was before the Romans obeyed Lord Jesus' prophesy. Mount Zion is south of the Roman
03:40 19.07.2023
No one knows what happened to the arc. It would be wonderful to find it.
Mark Brajnikoff 21:08 18.07.2023
I heard in a documentary that it is located in the remote mountains of Turkey. Since Turkey is a Muslim country, they will not allow anyone near it. Go figure...
08:47 18.07.2023
Where is the Ark of the Covenant now? Who has it? I hope itโ€™s not the globalists elite. Does anyone know? When did it disappear?
05:29 18.07.2023
The power splendor and holiness of the Ark of the Covenant is truly beyond words. May the Mashiach come swiftly in our time and bring forth the greatest gift of the universe: The holy Ark!