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Israel aiding Ukraine on Iran UAVs, Russian troop positions

Israel has been passing “basic intelligence” to Ukraine on the Iranian drones that Russia has used during its invasion, according to a report in the New York Times.

Moscow has deployed several types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) made by the Islamic Republic in its military offensive in Ukraine, particularly the Shahed-136 suicide drone, although it has been used with limited success.

“These UAVs are slow and fly at low altitudes, making lone aircraft easy to target using conventional air defenses,” said the United Kingdom Defense Ministry on Wednesday. However, the same official said they could be improved in warfare situations by  “attacking with several UAVs at the same time.”

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La Jun 05:53 14.10.2022
Newsrael you should start listening to the Prophets more and stop sharing what the fake news is saying about Putin and Russia.
John Ross 05:05 14.10.2022
Is Israel stupid? The Ukraine that has always voted against it at the UN! The Ukraine that sided with the Nazis and supplied concentration camp guards?? Let Ukraine get destroyed!!