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BREAKING! Donald Trump is expected to be indicted tomorrow

A source familiar with the proceedings exclusively told DailyMail.com on Tuesday: 'There will be no arraignment this week'

Trump is expected to be indicted Wednesday, after which the DA office will reach out to his Secret Service detail to make arrangements for his surrender

All 36,000 NYPD officers are in uniform and on notice for deployment after Trump called for his supporters to protest his imminent indictment

Source: Daily Mail

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William Gonzalez 06:50 22.03.2023
There isn't a political analyst alive who can accurately predict how this will go. It will not be good. God himself will have to tear down this evil. We don't have the ability to fix this.
06:15 22.03.2023
Let the fear of God fall on all involved & what they’re trying to do to our rightful president will boomerang into their own camp and they will fall on their own swords. These are the days of Haman!!
Sandy Grant 23:41 21.03.2023
36,000 police ready for Trump followers? Shouldn’t they be trying to lower crime in the horrible city?
Selina 23:20 21.03.2023
Psalm 105:15-17 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. KJV
Selina 23:18 21.03.2023
I say don't riot, the Dems are just looking for an excuse. Isn't it obvious? All 36k police for this, but police were running from Antifa before. Police should only arrest the Antifa provocateurs!!
shane murphy 22:04 21.03.2023
Trump is anointed and appointed by God for such a time as this and what does God say about touching his anointed
Ricky Rayta 21:48 21.03.2023
It’ll all go in our favor!! The case is going to get thrown out along with everything else they have thrown at him! Trump will win because Jesus can’t loose and that means we win!!! Hallelujah
21:38 21.03.2023
Deep state, pure corruption! Dems and Rino’s!
[email protected] 21:35 21.03.2023
This is just corruption.