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Biblical VIDEO: A Song of Ascents - The Pilgrimage Road

Among the most famous sections in the Books of Psalms in the Bible are chapters 120 - 134, which all begin with the words, "A song of ascents." 

Attributed to King David, these Psalms were  sung by the Jewish pilgrims as they journeyed to the Holy Temple, which stood atop the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah).

However, perhaps the opening words of these Psalms can help us more deeply understand the physical pilgrimage experience in Jerusalem thousands of years ago. 

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21:25 24.03.2023
I agree that would be nice if there were some quotations from the Psalms to illustrate your point I don’t understand why you couldn’t David is A man after my own heart I love the PsalmsAnother ShowWP
Jenny Ohayon 04:11 24.03.2023
Would be great to hear some quotations from the Psalms to illustrate your points.
Danielle Pentecost 20:01 23.03.2023
I love thé Psalms