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Friends of Major Noam Raz talk

"Noam was born this week 47 years ago, he had a birthday this week and now he was killed in battle" - said Barak Oqbi, a friend of the late Major Noam Raz, who was killed yesterday morning (Friday) in an exchange of fire in the Jenin refugee camp. "He was a hero in his life, a family man, a humble man." Raz served in the YAMAM for 23 years, he participated in many dangerous operations - and yesterday, at the age of 47, he was killed during operational activity.

"Noam Raz is one of the people they sing about 'Where are other people like that man,'" Barak went on to tell of his friend. "He never said anything about what he was doing in the YAMAM, even though we knew we had a hero in the community." Two weeks ago he was so proud that they made a family trip to the Golan Heights. He was not usually enthusiastic, but this time he enthusiastically told about this family trip, which was probably a farewell trip. Raz's funeral will take place on Sunday.

"He would never complain," his friend Barak added. "He was always with the face forward, with a desire to do good, to add positive energy. How to add justice and honesty, that's what interested him." 

He said Noam suffered an injury two years ago, but never gave up the desire to continue being a fighter - even at the age of 47. "He would always say he was fine and look for the doctor who would approve him to serve again."

Source: N12 News

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CaptJinx Marine 12:32 14.05.2022
Why didn’t the UN bitch about his death.
Rhoda Wright 07:00 14.05.2022
06:23 14.05.2022
I will be praying for his family love you all amen
06:19 14.05.2022
And I’m very angry about what happened to him I want justices to be done amen
06:14 14.05.2022
This is a great hero may his life life memories be blessed I love my brother amen
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