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Syria tells its citizens in Turkey to return - or lose citizenship

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a statement to the media calls Syrians in Turkey to return:

"Citizens of Syria who now live in Turkey and will not return within six months to live in our country:

- Their citizenship will be revoked.
- Their assets, including those inherited, will be confiscated.
- They will never be able to enter Syria and claim any rights."

The speech comes after a further deterioration in relations with Turkey over the refugees.

Today, over a million Syrian refugees live in Turkey.

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[Anonymous] 01:23 18.09.2023
If they’re Christian, God will return their land after the evil are judged.
Aerold Souder 22:05 16.09.2023
Come so I can abuse you or I will abuse you, Great Salesman and Statesman
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