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Lebanese Druze leader: 'We cannot stop Hezbollah'

The veteran Lebanese Druze politician, Walid Junblatt, tells the Lebanese LBCI channel this evening that Nasrallah can launch drones and missiles, but that he should try to think about the reaction that may come as a result.

"I say to Nasrallah - try to avoid war and if the words are only an empty threat - let them be". Junblatt said that Nasrallah's words are an Iranian message and that "no one will succeed in preventing a war and if it happens we must put the blame of the negative consequences of the war on Lebanon on Nasrallah." 

Junblatt also said that at the moment in Lebanon nothing can be done regarding Hezbollah and Iran. We must wait for the right moment to put Hezbollah's weapons under the control of the Lebanese state."

Source: Kan News

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John Ross 02:07 27.07.2022
Good luck!! Hezbollah is stronger than any force in Lebanon !!