US-Israel Military Cooperation
MoD will present Biden with laser interception system

According to IDF sources, the Ministry of Defense is looking for partners for a special project with particularly high costs. The nature of this project was not named.

Alongside that, it was learned that the defense establishment plans to ask the President of the United States to expand the joint forums in the field of defense - and to include moderate Sunni states through them.

The Ministry of Defense's laser interception system project will be presented to US President Joe Biden during his visit to Israel. 

During the visit, the heads of the defense establishment plan to ask Biden to move from military cooperation to building a permanent force and expanding the joint forums in the field of defense while adding to that moderate Sunni states.

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Tony Pettitt 17:20 16.06.2022
If you give Biden the laser technology then he will give the product to Iran and many of the terrorist organizations around the world. I wouldn’t trust him with the new technology. Trust him not!!!!
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