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Preparing for a meeting with Biden: Bennett's advisers will visit the White House next week

According to senior Israeli sources, the head of the National Security Council and the prime minister's political adviser will take off for talks with their counterparts in Washington ahead of Bennett's visit to the White House.

In late June, Biden met with former President Reuben Rivlin and said he intends to invite Bennett to a White House meeting in the very near future. Rivlin told Biden that it was important to hold such a meeting as soon as possible so that the administration would hear the position of the new government. At the end of the meeting, it was reported from the White House that President Biden had invited Prime Minister Bennett to meet with him soon at the White House, noting that his government expects close cooperation with the new government on a variety of issues on the common agenda.

Since the establishment of the new government in Israel, the Biden administration has been making efforts to help it and maintain its stability. Last week published in Walla! Because the administration decided to delay the reopening of the consulate in Jerusalem until after the transfer of the budget in Israel in November so as not to undermine the stability of the government.

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Rhoda Wright 05:57 27.07.2021
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