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ICYMI: Israel tightens blockade on supply of weapons to Hezbollah

The US-led forces of the international coalition against ISIS denied that they attacked pro-Iranian militias in an airstrike last Friday near the Syrian border with Iraq. That leaves Israel as the top choice.

The international coalition said in a statement on Saturday, "The reports that American or coalition forces carried out an air strike on the Iraq-Syria border on Friday are not true."

In the message, published by the coalition through its account on the X platform, it is written that "such an action did not take place".

Earlier on Saturday, the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq - Hezbollah Brigades" militia announced the killing of one of its members in a bombing that targeted on Friday, a truck loaded with weapons in the Deir ez-Zur governorate in eastern Syria.

The "Islamic Resistance" militia said that he was killed by a "treacherous American bomb on his vehicle, during a patrol on the outskirts of the Iraqi-Syrian border", as they described it.

This happened after the same local sources in Deir ez-Zur spread news about an unknown UAV that attacked a truck loaded with weapons intended for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia in the village of Ashair, west of the city of Al-Bukamal in the countryside of Deir ez-Zur, near the border with Iraq.

Several explosions were heard at the scene after the truck was attacked, while local news sites published video clips showing flames rising from the attacked area.

NEWSRAEL: It seems from all these reports that the attack was done by Israel which is tightening its attacks on weapons aiming to reach Lebanon


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