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Son of Hamas: How the UN sabotaged the Oslo Peace Process

Mosab Hassan Yousef, aka "Son of Hamas" co-founder gives us a short history lesson on the infamous UN Security Council Resolution 799 which was accepted unanimously on 18 December 1992.

In December 1992 Israel responded to the killing of a border police officer by deporting 415 leading figures of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Lebanon, which provoked international condemnation and a unanimous UN Security Council resolution, number 799, condemning the action and demanding the return of those deported.

A year later and under tremendous international pressure Israel allowed Hamas and Islamic Jihad's most dangerous leaders to return from exile. 

This became a turning point in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which allowed the terrorist group to sabotage the peace process in the late 1990s and destroy the hope for coexistence.  

Another shameful stain on the forehead of the UN Security Council.

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[Anonymous] 18:28 03.03.2024
May Black September, I mean Hamas, and their cohorts aka Arab (Gazan) citizens & the UN and other globalists be dropped where they stand, burn 🔥now & burn 🔥 HOT! Or repent tho I’m not hopeful!
[Anonymous] 18:19 03.03.2024
Israel should not have any mercy for these Animals that looks like human
Dave Camp 21:43 24.02.2024
When will we the people stop a leftist run and leftist owned organization
[Anonymous] 19:05 24.02.2024
Shameful stain on the forehead… like Cain?
[Anonymous] 18:56 24.02.2024
The UN has been useless for the last 20 or so years. Reminds me of Biden. Trying to please terrorists so they don’t get attacked.
Mindy Chotiner 18:34 24.02.2024
The UN is antisemitic anti Israelbody that serves absolutely no purpose
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