Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Biden Admin: ‘Israel Has a Right to Protect Itself’

“The United States firmly believes that Israel has a right to protect itself. We are engaging with different parties and urge all sides for calm,” Ambassador Nides wrote in a Twitter statement on August 5.

Source: Breitbart

# Biden Administration # Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Robbie Temple 22:58 06.08.2022
But I'm with you and also a lot of America's are with you too because we believe you have the right to defend yourself and your people and may God keep blessing Israel and all of your people
Robbie Temple 22:57 06.08.2022
You know I believe it when I see it. But we all know for a fact the Biden administration is not for Israel at all. Because the Democratic party is only for themselves.
C & 21:51 06.08.2022
I agree with Anna Payton and La Jun! Yahweh God is your help in every way! Seek Him and His counsel! 🥰🙏🇺🇸🇮🇱✝️
Tony Pettitt 19:05 06.08.2022
Of course he will uphold the Lipid left wing party their the party that included the Muslim party to join them so they could win the election over Natanyahu and they believe in the two State solution
Ace Steele 18:27 06.08.2022
Shalom , 🇺🇸🪖🙏 I just commented, yet I couldn't write anymore . So , we're hopeful, we will act also. Bad actors at work, again. Trump would help , but , but was cheated .
Ace Steele 18:22 06.08.2022
Shalom , personally I wouldn't count on this administration . Because they talk the talk , but they don't walk the walk . We're in a similar situation with Taiwan in. Yet , we don't know either ?
Dave Weiss 18:17 06.08.2022
Biden has no ones interest but his own. He is wrong for AMERICA.
Edna Purcell-Diaz 15:44 06.08.2022
La Jun’s comment is so true. Didn’t he say that the agenda of the terrorists is where his heart is ?? ONLY HASHEM CAN BE TRUSTED ✡️🙏🏼🕎
La Jun 15:20 06.08.2022
But behind the scenes this fake and fraudulent government is giving these terrorist money and weapons to destroy Israel. You can't trust this fake government especially when Obama is running it!
Anna Payton 14:57 06.08.2022
Care about what GOD IN HEAVEN says.
Anna Payton 14:56 06.08.2022
You don't need the United States to tell you that ISRAEL, GOD IN HEAVEN will protect, but stop being lazy and pray everyday, biden just appointed a Muslim, for freedom of religion,and hes a crook.
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