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Biden’s new Iran deal allows Russia to cash in on $10,000,000,000 contract to build nuclear sites

Treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. How is this not treason? But Biden’s handlers have nothing to worry about. The only people in positions to prosecute them are on their side.

“New Iran Agreement Would Let Russia Cash in on $10 Billion Contract To Build Nuclear Sites,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, March 16, 2022:

Russia’s top state-controlled energy company is set to cash in on a $10 billion contract to build out one of Iran’s most contested nuclear sites as part of concessions granted in the soon-to-be-announced nuclear agreement that will guarantee sanctions on both countries are lifted.

Russian and Iranian documents translated for the Washington Free Beacon show that Rosatom, Russia’s leading energy company, has a $10 billion contract with Iran’s atomic energy organization to expand Tehran’s Bushehr nuclear plant. Russia and the Biden administration confirmed on Tuesday that the new nuclear agreement includes carveouts that will waive sanctions on both countries so that Russia can make good on this contract.

“We, of course, would not sanction Russian participation in nuclear projects that are part of resuming full implementation of the JCPOA,” State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed on Tuesday, referring to the original 2015 nuclear accord. Russia’s foreign ministry made a similar statement on Tuesday, saying that “additions were made to the text of the future agreement on JCPOA restoration to ensure that all the JCPOA-related projects, [especially] with Russian participation, as well as Bushehr [nuclear power plant], are protected from negative impact of anti-Russian restrictions” by the United States and European Union.

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Jim Bunch 12:16 18.03.2022
What a wonderful idea. Let's continue to support these two countries so they can continue their terrorist activities.
Larry E 11:58 18.03.2022
Iran has threatened to destroy the USA. So Biden doesn't care about his own people here in America.
Moshe Moses 11:33 18.03.2022
Biden couldn't careless for the lives of Israels citizens, Biden may your Evil soul rot in hell Amen
Moshe Moses 11:30 18.03.2022
What ever action Israel will have to take will be on Biden's head, Biden supposed to be Israel friend & allay instead a traitor.
Moshe Moses 11:24 18.03.2022
Biden worst president in history for Israel he is Wicked& Evil allowing Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran to be expanded Biden knows that Iran keeps threatening Israel with destruction but doesn't care
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