The War in Syria
BREAKING: Report in Syria of Explosions Heard at the US Base in al-Tanf

First reports of a series of explosions was heard this morning (Sunday) at a base where US forces are stationed in eastern Syria, the country's official television reported.

The base is located in the al-Tanf area, near the Iraqi border, and was recently attacked by several Iranian-backed militia aircraft.

NEWSRAEL: Several are asking if this is a "revenge" attack connected to the expolsion near Natanz in Iran last night?

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23:39 13.12.2021
Is time for the prophecy of Elam/Iran to be fulfilled.
darrel snider 12:38 05.12.2021
Time now to destroy iran
[email protected] 12:30 05.12.2021
Heavenly Father protect Our Defenders hear on Earth. Pray for them all. Amen
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