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Sen. Tom Cotton slams Democrats’ attacks against Netanyahu

Arkansas senator denounces Democratic Party's extreme accusations against PM Netanyahu which he shows have been going on for 25 years.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton on Wednesday blasted the Democrats for their attacks against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Noting that "there is one foreign leader for whom the Democratic Party seems to reserve special scorn.
Cotton highlighted that prominent Democrats have called the Israeli Prime Minister a “reactionary,” a “racist,” and an “ethno-nationalist,” and have also accused him of committing “war crimes” and of leading an “apartheid state.”

Cotton also blasted President Joe Biden for calling him "extreme" and saying that they don’t agree on “a damn thing.”

"Were the Democrats talking about Vladimir Putin? Or Xi Jinping? Or perhaps Ayatollah Khamenei? No, they were referring to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and one of America’s best friends," Cotton said in a statement on his website.

"Once again, these Democrats have proven their tendency to coddle our enemies and condemn our friends," he added.

He accused them of not stopping "at mere words."

"They’re working right now to undermine Bibi and his government," he alleged.

"The State Department doesn’t even deny it’s funneling money to these left-wing activities," Cotton said. "Which is troubling, because it’s a clear violation of the usual State Department policy against funding foreign partisan organizations. Not only is this U.S.-funded organization subverting a foreign government, it’s subverting the government of one of our closest allies. Secretary Blinken should immediately apologize to the Prime Minister of Israel, demand your money back, and open an investigation into how this happened."

According to Cotton, the Democratic Party has been "meddling in Israeli democracy to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu" for over 25 years.

He noted that "by his own admission, President Bill Clinton intervened in the 1996 Israeli election to support Netanyahu’s opponent, Shimon Peres. Clinton met with Peres, dispatched his own campaign advisers, dangled policy shifts to Israel, all to get Peres across the finish line. Netanyahu prevailed, nevertheless" and that Clinton again intervened in the 1998 election, sending political advisors to Ehud Barak.

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Selina 03:48 09.03.2023
The corrupt Dems are in bed with Satanic Nazis. Nasty. 🤮
Tony Pettitt 22:43 08.03.2023
They are funding the PLO and Hamas by sending the Palestinian Authority millions or even billions of American taxpayers money. Helping to pay terrorist families for martyrs !!!!
Jeanne Ferguson 21:50 08.03.2023
I've been saying that Biden-Obama are traitors to America. They are traitors to Israel too. God bless BiBi, Israel and the Republicans. May a Republican take back the White House.
Barbara Fix 21:36 08.03.2023
Thank you to Senator Cotton for his integrity in exposing the above
Mark Sanders 21:36 08.03.2023
The Dems are causing enough trouble in their own country.