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Killing of Christians: Lake Chad Basin’s Ongoing Struggle

The Lake Chad Basin experienced a 25-percent increase in violent events linked to Islamic groups over the past year, reversing a previous decline in violence since 2020.

While the number of fatalities remained relatively stable, the region still accounts for a significant proportion of all Islamic-linked fatalities on the continent.

Muslim groups, Boko Haram and Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA), continue to be key actors in the Lake Chad Basin, with their violent events evenly distributed. ISWA is associated with more battles and remote violence, while Boko Haram is responsible for the majority of Islamic attacks on civilians, making it a complex security challenge for the region.

Source: RAIR Foundation

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Mike Galarneau 04:09 13.02.2024
All this Evil is being Funded by the Socialist Nazi Left . How can a Human support this Vile Crap!?
Heather Redden 16:00 12.02.2024
👺👺 knows, no bounds… This is a spiritual war and to the Muslims a “religious one”…They don’t know the G_d of the Bible, so they don’t know that they are going to lose and Eternity is forever
[Anonymous] 09:19 12.02.2024
And governments in the west turn a blind eye. This will be in our towns and cities in the coming years and then it will be too late.
[Anonymous] 08:45 12.02.2024
COWARDS…. shooting defensless women and children WHAT A GROUP OF WEAK CRIMINALS. Love ya eternity in hell
[Anonymous] 06:32 12.02.2024
Killing of defenseless Christian up and do wn Africa, especially in Nigeria, by Islamists has been going on for years. No one cares! Maybe Blinken needs to intervene!
Kymble McCoy 06:18 12.02.2024
May there be outrage everywhere.
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