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NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: July 10, 2024 - Morning

Our news summary brings you the latest IMPORTANT UPDATES

- France: The Paris prosecutor's office announced last night that it had opened a preliminary investigation into suspected illegal financing of far-right leader Marine Le Pen's 2022 presidential campaign, in which she lost to Emmanuel Macron.

- Attempts to settle in the north: a report in the Kuwaiti "Al Anbaa" newspaper - the American envoy Hochstein is working to bring about a "balanced and mutual withdrawal" on both sides of the border of Hezbollah and the IDF, with American guarantee and with the help of an active role of international forces.

- Report: The American naval pier will be re-installed today on the shores of Gaza for several days - then it will be permanently dismantled. American officials: the goal - the transfer of humanitarian aid accumulated in Cyprus and the port.

- The fear of arrest warrants: Netanyahu checked if he could make a stopover in Europe on the way to Washington.

- Following the publication here of news that the state will fund defense lawyers for the terrorists of the Nuh'ba, the "Betzalmo" organization: "Unfortunately, the Israeli court has become the protector of terrorism. We intend to demand from the Minister of Justice and Finance not to give a worn penny to those who represent the monsters."

- IDF Spokesman: Earlier this evening, a fighter jet attacked with precision weapons from a Hamas terrorist who participated in the murderous massacre on October 7 in the Gaza Envelope. We are investigating reports of damage to civilians, near the "Al-Oudah Babsan" school in Khan Yunis, which is located near the location The attack is being investigated.

- Member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, Simcha Rotman to Prof. Yuval Albashan, on the investigation into the killing of the terrorists: "Normally, when there is a situation of a terrorist being captured or a prisoner, you have to wait for the police to arrive. On October 7th, this rule was not supposed to apply. You have to neutralize the threat and move on"

- Hamas publicly claims that it is showing flexibility in the negotiation talks. But according to a senior source involved in the talks, in a conversation with Kan News, the terrorist organization did not change even a single comma from the outline it submitted to mediators last week. 

- A Syrian factor brings news here: in recent days, reinforcements of the pro-Iranian militias have arrived from Iraq to Syria. 

- The threat of Hezbollah's drones: The terrorist organization published a photo drone footage that allegedly shows bases in the Golan Heights and sensitive facilities.

- Russia: A Moscow court has issued an arrest warrant against Yulia Navalny, the widow of opposition leader Alexei Navalny who died in prison five months ago. The decision was made based on the statement that Navalnya "is a member of an extreme organization"

- Yulia Navalnya in response to the arrest warrant against her in Russia: "Putin is a murderer and a war criminal. He belongs in prison and not in The Hague in a comfortable cell with a TV, but in Russia, in the type of cell in which he murdered Alexei"

- "Paramount" studios released a first look at the movie "Gladiator 2", in which the creator and star of "Fauda" Lior Raz participated. The sequel to the 2000 blockbuster will be released in Israel on November 14.

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Joe Cross 12:30 10.07.2024
Le Pen will be treated like Trump and the left will try to remove the threat to their ideology by law-fare and any other means. The left is vicious in what they do and they don’t care about the people
[Anonymous] 10:38 10.07.2024
Complicated but IAM sure that we will straighten it out
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