The Iranian Threat
Darkness in Iraq… Iran has stopped supplying gas

Tehran has begun using the issue of gas exports to put pressure on the Iraqi government politically.

Although Iraq recently paid part of its debt to Iran, the latter halted gas exports to Baghdad, leading to the shutdown of a number of power plants in the country.

Iraqi sources reported on Wednesday that a number of stations had stopped generating electricity, particularly from Mansuria and Samia, causing power outages in many areas of the capital, Baghdad, and a number of other districts.

Sources noted that Iran has begun using the issue of gas exports to put pressure on the Iraqi government politically, stressing that Baghdad has recently paid some of its debts.

Despite this, Iran has not undertaken to export gas, as agreed.

Claims self-sufficiency

Iraq also confirmed that the cessation caused a state of anger on the Iraqi street, at a time when the country is in a state of severe weather.

It is worth noting that the Iraqis are demanding that their country be independent on the issue of power supply, while emphasizing the importance of ending dependence on Iran, which uses the issue politically.

4 months exemption from sanctions

Last March, the United States granted Iraq an exemption from sanctions on Iran for 120 days so that it could pay for electricity imports from Iran.

This is the first exemption granted under Joe Biden's administration and for the longest period allowed by law, and it came just days before the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States.

Under the latest exemption granted by the Joe Biden administration, Iraq could continue to import electricity and gas from Iran for four months, that is, from early April to early August.

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Pamela Lovejoy 12:24 01.01.2022
This will cause such chaos for the people of lraq. Some how Iran 🇮🇷 needs to pay for what they have done. Prayers for the country 🙏 of lraq.
11:17 01.01.2022
Iran, a 🇮🇷 country run by a Religious cleric worth millions, has no compassion for the people of Iraq! 🇮🇶
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