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The cost of living in Gaza - Two men explain [VIDEO]

- My name is Hassan Muhammad Hassan Sa'ad Born 13.2.86, 36 years old.
Married and I have three daughters and a son.

I live in a family, numbering thirty, in one house all of us. I work in Gaza and make between 50 and 70 NIS a day. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Of course after that I went to Israel and Allah fulfilled my dream, that I would get a work permit and work in Israel, and make 300, 400 NIS a day.

- My name is Muhammad Ahmad Mahmoud, 46 years old, I used to work in Gaza, a farmer, gardens, anything, anyone who comes out, but Gaza has no future, the daily 30 NIS, barely covers, one day you find a job and the next nothing at all.

Israel is the dream of my life, because it sustains me and I support my children and parents and brothers and build my future and the future of my daughters and children.

Source: The King of the Neighborhood - Telegram

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Rhoda Wright 08:54 03.07.2022
Selina 06:20 03.07.2022
Let's hope and pray they build thier futures correctly.
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