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Nasrallah: We will go to war over gas

Nasrallah in his speech - we say that Hezbollah will prevent Israel from producing gas and oil, if they do not allow it to Lebanon: "If it leads to war, then we will go to war.

"The decision to go to war is in Israel's hands. We will refrain and what we do depends on Israel's conduct. If it leads to war, The Lebanese should trust in God and Hezbollah that they will be able to impose the will of Lebanon on the enemy. There is a very reasonable possibility that this war, if it breaks out, will not remain between Lebanon and Israel and that other elements in the region will enter it."

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Cynthia H 19:44 26.07.2022
Evil always throws a fit when it knows it's going down. I am pro-Israel and so is my country, REGARDLESS of what those idiots in WA DC are doing. They are illegitimate. God knows it and so do we.
Cynthia H 19:43 26.07.2022
Israel and her borders belong to God. Their borders are Biblically marked. Read the book of Judges. If you mess with them, Biden or Palestine, you will incur His wrath. Bank on it.
David Beirne 18:57 26.07.2022
They are all talk lol, they know that Israel will destroy them because of two things : 1st Israels military is way more advanced and proficient and 2nd (and most important) The True and Living GOD
IBRAHIM ALICK 06:17 26.07.2022
The devil is in hell ,these people are horrible and diabolical,they are serving the devil in God's name,if they don't charge their faith and ideology,they will follow the devil in hell,time is up
Byron Scherer 02:35 26.07.2022
Israel every day you wait is a day too late. Appeasement never works
John Naulu 01:51 26.07.2022
Whack them now, send them to 🔥🔥🔥 don’t wait. To much threatening but never follow up. Don’t wait until they draw first blood 🩸 🩸🩸
Grazia Sher 01:36 26.07.2022
Wow, horrible primitive , dangerous people that know nothing but hate and violence . What has ha you that poor country? I remember when Lebanon was known as the Paris of the Middle East , Now?
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