02:54 PM 07:54 AM EST DEC 2, 2023 JLM 67°F
Horrific endgame of the protest movement EXPOSED!

The desire to erase the Jewish character of the state as it appears on the sign leads the movement to areas where it causes devastating harm to Israel's reputation.

For example on the program "60 Minutes" radical leftist Israelis did more damage than the Palestinians and Iranians have done to us in the last three decades.

The destruction of security, the army, and the economy stems from the desire to say goodbye to Judaism, which also makes it easier for them to "relocate". The coalition and the Knesset "Judaism" is too much for their liking and therefore they cling to the liberal justice system led by Aharon Barak who admitted that he does not know Hebrew law.

For them, everything revolves around this Archimedean point of erasing the Jewish character of the state and the public space, and thanks to the painters of the sign this nefarious agenda is exposed.

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18:10 21.09.2023
The worship Baal, Satan, the devil, whatever they call him. They’re getting rich and they’re happy, but God! He will revenge.
14:20 21.09.2023
They don’t care about religion because they don’t care about G-d. They and their followers are surely big time losers.
Sig Man 13:58 21.09.2023
The problem this leftist Korahites are causing to Israel pale in comparison to the one they are causing to their souls. The G-d of Israel is Alive and they will have to meet face to face with Him...
13:18 21.09.2023
The foundation of the state is Judaism. These protesters really should reconsider their attitude to their peoples religion of the past 5000 years.