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Hezbollah is demanding replacement of judge Judge Tarek Bitar

The investigation into the deadly explosion was halted again following a new petition by former ministers wanted for questioning. Nasrallah is demanding the replacement of Judge Tarek Bitar "immediate and transparent," and the families of the victims are outraged at the incessant delays in the investigation. Bitar was appointed to the post in February after his predecessor was fired due to similar allegations.

The judge leading the disaster investigation at the port of Beirut was forced today (Tuesday) to stop the investigation for the second time in a few weeks, shortly after issuing an arrest warrant against a former minister. Tarek Bitar, who was appointed to the post in February after his predecessor was ousted due to summoning senior officials for questioning, was also marked by prominent figures in Lebanon. One of them is Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah, who on Monday demanded the appointment of an "honest and transparent" judge in place of Tiar, whom he accused of being a biased factor with political ambitions.

Bitar was recently forced to suspend the investigation for a week This month, a court in Beirut rejected their petitions and allowed Bitar to resume his work, but the same ministers petitioned another court and the court ruled that the investigation should be stopped until a decision is made on the matter.

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