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Picture of the Day: Can you Spot The Difference?

The Iron Dome of Israel Vs. The Iron Dome of Hamas

This picture is the quintessential difference between Israel and Hamas terrorists.
Israel believes in the sanctity of life, investing in infrastructures and life-saving Military tech that saves lives.
The militant, death-hungry leaders of Hamas and Radical Islamic sects believe in death, at all costs, the destruction of Israel, and of course, PR. They use their citizens as pawns in a game of war.

Photo Twitter page of Hannanya Naftali

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Rene Aguiluz 05:26 05.12.2022
HAMAS will be destroy by ALMIGHTY GOD.
04:35 05.12.2022
When Jehovah his son arise enemies will be scattered and they are scattering because Jehovah will rise and save his people that love Jesus that know him Jesus saves Jesus heals Jesus is coming for🇮🇱
pflip521 22:38 04.12.2022
Israel is courage, hamas is cowardice.