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VIDEO REPORT: Putin "Could Recruit 700,000 Soldiers", Zelensky Slams West Over Arms

Kyiv believes Russia could recruit hundreds of thousands more soldiers from Russia and occupied Ukraine to plug their losses on the battlefield.

The Rosgvardia, Russia's National Guard has reportedly started recruiting pardoned convicts who are Wagner veterans.

Zelenksy said the West allowed Russia to gain a foothold in Ukraine by taking “too long” to supply weapons for Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

The Kremlin said Russia and North Korea have no interest in US statements after Washington warned against any arms trade.

Source - Crux/Youtube

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Sandy Grant 19:45 13.09.2023
1., the White House is putting all other bad places above its tax paying citizens. This is so wrong. 2. the money isn’t going there is to fight a war… rather line the pockets of corrupt politicians
Pete Pala 12:32 13.09.2023
The US actually doesn't owe him a damn thing.
06:47 13.09.2023
Zelenski needs to shut up and go away. I’m sick of looking at the pedophile.