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Cyber attack targets Israeli hospital

Ransomeware attack strikes Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center; Health Ministry, National Cyber Directorate, on site to help manage event.

The Health Ministry and Israel National Cyber Directorate were updated on Monday night regarding a cyber attack on Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center.

The attack "caused the hospital's computer systems to fail," a spokesperson for the Directorate said. "According to the information currently available, the medical equipment was not affected."

"Hospital staff continue to provide treatment to patients. Health Ministry and National Cyber Directorate staff are currently at the hospital, working to manage the event in cooperation with the hospital staff.

"Additional updates will be provided later."

Mayanei Hayeshua commented, "Mayanei Hayeshua is reporting on a ransomeware event, which harmed the hospital's administrative computer systems. The event is being managed by the Health Ministry and National Cyber Directorate, and is being handled by the best experts in the field."

"As of now, it affects only the administrative systems, and has not caused any harm to medical treatments or to the center's patients."

Following the initial reports, the Health Ministry issued an update stating that, "At this stage and in coordination with the Health Ministry, a decision was made not to accept patients to outpatient clinics and imaging clinics in the hospital."

"Patients who need to arrive at the emergency care center are requested to choose nearby hospitals. At this stage, no patients are being evacuated to other hospitals."

Source: Israel National News

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