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WATCH: How to Make Your Life Longer | Commandment #6: Do Not Murder | The Ten Commandments

Why does life feel like it flies by, and how can we slow it down? My entire life I’ve always dreaded birthdays as an annual reminder of the shortness of life.

In this episode I explore the expanded interpretation of the sixth commandment, “Lo tirtzach,” “Do not murder,” and discover the secret meditation to slowing life down. 

00:00 Time flies and life is short
01:11 The older you get, the faster life passes
01:49 The Sixth Commandment - Do Not Murder
02:10 Expanded interpretations of Do Not Murder
02:41 Public humiliation is murder
03:40 Life is about the quality of moments
04:31 The “Last Time” meditation
05:45 Why life feels like it goes by so fast
06:15 Life is about more than simply being alive
07:11 Time as the most precious resource
07:21 Outro

Source - Big Jewish Ideas/Youtube

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