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Hazorfim: the Spirit of Silver

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The story of Hazorfim crosses continents and states, a story of faith, passion, and art, genius and creation, dream and vision. Hazorfim stands on family, values, and tradition.

Hazorfim was established by three silversmith refugees from Europe, all of them Holocaust survivors. They gained their knowledge in Eastern Europe and worked together on creating silver dishes, as Judaica art in Israel in 1952.

Yaakov Merdinger, son of Yosef Merdinger, one of the founders of Hazorfim, began his journey into silversmithing at the age of eight. He learned the art from his father, who gained his craft knowledge in the city of Chernivtsi, now part of Ukraine. At thirteen, Yaakov had already produced silver items which to this day are considered masterpieces.

Yaakov mastered this complex and creative craft and brought it to the level of fine art, endless inspiration, and creativity. He then gathered the best silversmiths into one magnificent group, to mentor and produce the highest quality and original design pieces.

The company’s head office, workshop, and factory are based in Kfar Daniel (Hebrew: כְּפַר דָּנִיֵּאל‎, lit. Daniel Village) in central Israel, located in the jurisdiction of the Hevel Modi'in region.

Hazorfim’s Merdinger Studio is proud and excited to launch an exclusive silver-plated Jerusalem collection for our new partners in the Evangelical community, people who love Israel and appreciate original Israeli art.

Each piece has its own unique story and source of inspiration, from concept to preliminary sketch, to the design and chosen style and material, all with meticulous attention paid to every detail. We believe there is Light within us and a true desire in everyone for beauty and the divine.

The Jerusalem series created by Merdinger Studio was designed and inspired by the scenery of Jerusalem, the city of eternity. The chosen element, the skyline of the Old City in the Western Wall Plaza, is the point at which both religions, Judaism and Christianity, share their most sacred places.

This is the place that symbolizes most of all the holiness that this city inspires to its lovers and visitors from all nations and religions. The skyline of Jerusalem symbolizes spiritual transcendence and divine faith. It is an aesthetic element that glorifies the beauty of this special city, symbolizing the belief in God and walking in his paths.

The Jerusalem products are silver plated and signed by the goldsmith artist Yaakov Merdinger.

Hazorfim’s unique original craftsmanship is often given as gifts that are presented in the homes of well-known leaders and celebrities from around the world.

Hazorfim has been a leading proud Israeli brand for 70 years, including  thirteen stores in Israel and the US, and is the leading silver website.

Hazorfim is known for its high-quality pieces and original designs.


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