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Father of Freed Hostage Died Just Hours Before His Son Returned

Yossi Meir was discovered unconscious in his Kfar Saba home by those who came to inform him that his son was located in Gaza and was going to be released.

Yossi Meir Jan (59), father of hostage Almog Meir Jan, died of a heart attack on Saturday before he could learn of his son’s release.

Yossi Meir was discovered unconscious in his Kfar Saba home by those who came to inform him that his son was located in Gaza and was going to be released.

He was declared dead by Magen Dovid Adom when they arrived on the scene.

The father had lost 20 kg since October 7th and was constantly watching the news, hoping for some sign that his son was alive and would be returned to him.

Yossi Meir’s sister-in-law Yaffit told Ynet, “He was constantly sitting in front of the TV to stay updated, but unfortunately, he didn’t get to hear about his son.”

Yaffit added, “His sister visited him on Thursday, and he apparently passed away on Saturday, and we didn’t know.”

“He passed away from a heart attack. He didn’t get to know that his son was free,” said his sister, Dina.

One of his neighbors named Iris, said, “He was an amazing person; I always supported him.”


She added, “On October 7 he told me his son was kidnapped. He told me, ‘on the day my son returns, I’ll end my life.’ And that’s what happened.”

“He gave his soul so that God would release his son,” said Iris.

According to a Ynet report, Jan told his relatives that he had seen television broadcasts about large rallies in favor of a hostage deal, and that he was “deeply moved” to see people at the demonstrations holding signs with his name and picture.

Notably, Jan recounted that Hamas terrorists had forced him to film a propaganda video on his birthday, which apparently was never released to the public.

He added that he had been able to keep a journal while in captivity and would make daily entries to keep track of how long he’d been in captivity.

Andrey Kozlov, who was held alongside Jan for eight months, also said that he had written in a notebook to mark the passage of time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met with the freed hostages, said that each day Kozlov would write “podorok” – which means gift in Russian – in the notebook.

This way, Netanyahu explained, Kozlov reminded himself that each day alive is a gift.

Image - IDF Spokersperson's Unit

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[Anonymous] 14:21 11.06.2024
God is pleased and accepted the offering/sacrifice your father made for you young man. Do not let it be a wasted gift to God and honor your abba!
[Anonymous] 19:08 10.06.2024
His Dad knows his son is free now. God please bless Yossi.
G Green 13:50 10.06.2024
Selfless act of the father shows his deep love.
[Anonymous] 08:55 10.06.2024
Beautiful sentiment “ Each day alive is a gift “.. So glad he got released.
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