Protests Against Hamas
Portrait of Squalor: Gaza under the rule of Hamas

Children for sale!

A man and his family sleep on the road near Al-Shifa Street in Gaza and offer their children for sale.

NIS 50 a piece! (about $15)

# Gaza Strip # Protests Against Hamas
Linda Erhardt 02:21 01.07.2022
This is unbelievable. Horrible. When terrorist like hamas and hezbolah take over a country, they could care less about the innocent people who live there.
Tony Pettitt 21:47 30.06.2022
This is what happens when you are suppressed and have nothing left. Hope nothing like this will come to America. But then again we’re seam to be heading that way with out of this World inflation.
Byron Scherer 21:39 30.06.2022
I don't understand the people of Gaza tolerating this. How can they reason Israel is the enemy when Hamas fat cats live high on the hog
Karolina De 20:41 30.06.2022
The Entire Middle East needs Revival. Repentance and the acceptance of the Jewish Messiah King Yeshua πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ™
Isabella Grossman 20:00 30.06.2022
It is heartbreaking.The oil rich countries could easily adopt these families and help integrate them into their societies
Rolf Storz 19:37 30.06.2022
I can not begin to imagine the desperation that would drive a father or mother to sell their child!
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