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Hamas said to no longer be demanding complete IDF withdrawal from Gaza, permanent ceasefire in truce talks

The Saudi A-Sharq network reports that the Hamas terror group has softened some of its key demands as efforts to reach a hostage release deal continue.

Citing sources with knowledge of Hamas positions, the report says that Hamas has lowered the number of Palestinian security prisoners it is demanding to be released under the next phase of the deal; it is no longer demanding the complete withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza and appears to accept an initial truce of six weeks instead of demanding a permanent cease-fire.

Hamas is, however, demanding that Israeli troops withdraw from major population centers and allow displaced Gazans to return home. Northern Gaza was largely evacuated during the fighting.

While the report said that Hamas was no longer demanding the release of some 1,500 prisoners in exchange for the next batch of 40 Israeli hostages, it did not give details on the terror group’s current demands.

However, another Saudi Channel Al-Haddad reported that Hamas is now asking for some 200-300 Palestinians to be freed in the first phase.

It is believed that 130 hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7 remain in Gaza — not all of them alive — after 105 civilians were released from Hamas captivity during a weeklong truce in late November, and four hostages were released prior to that. Three hostages have been rescued by troops alive, and the bodies of 11 hostages have also been recovered, including three mistakenly killed by the military.

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[Anonymous] 03:11 25.02.2024
Press Hamas without stopping! Don’t give up anything in negotiations! Release all hostages and then talk!
kevin day 21:23 24.02.2024
Total removal of Gaza from Israel borders. Iran need step up.
kevin day 21:21 24.02.2024
Negotiating without giving Hamas a foothold in Israel
Leolani Kirkendall 18:11 24.02.2024
#BringThemHomeNow! 🙏🏼💙🎗
[Anonymous] 17:41 24.02.2024
How about NO RELEASE OF YOUR TERROR MONGERING, Murderous Hamas prisoners that killed Israel’s innocents and YOU Hamas release all the kidnapped hostages YOU stole from Israel
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