For the first time since taking office, Biden and Erdogan meet: "We discussed regional collaborations"

As part of the US president's eight-day trip to Europe, the two met in Brussels at the NATO summit. The meeting comes after tensions between the two countries due in part to the Biden administration's recognition of the Armenian genocide.

"A productive and honest conversation," Erdogan said at the conclusion. Biden: "A very good meeting"


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Randy Abramovitz 01:46 15.06.2021
Harris has the guts to launch Ilhan Omar. She won't put up with her shenanigans. Don't underestimate her ability to get the sheep in line, if the old goat won't.
Wayne Parker 01:37 15.06.2021
WOW God help us all!!
Byron Scherer 00:14 15.06.2021
Biden won't last 4 years. Harris will become president an Lord help us.
Mollie Nunley 22:45 14.06.2021
Is that what I think it is??!!!! Good grief!
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