The War in Syria
Israel publicly reveals the commander of the observation brigade of the 90th Brigade in the Syrian Golan who is also aiding Hezbollah

The IDF's spokesman in Arabic, Avichai Edrei, publicly revealed the identity of the commander of the observation unit in the 90th Brigade of the Syrian army:
Meet Bashar al-Hussein, an officer with the rank of major in the Syrian army, who is in command of the observation and reconnaissance company in the 90th Brigade.

Edrei, in this document which includeds very detailed information about the commander, his office and his operations also accuses Bashar and the 90th Brigade of the Syrian army of collaborating with Iran and Hezbollah at the expense of the humanitarian situation of the residents of the Syrian Golan Heights while exploiting the lack of governance in the region.

Edrei signed the disclosure by saying that Israel is closely monitoring what is happening on the other side of the border and places the responsibility for the Syrian regime on all terrorist activities carried out from Syrian territory against Israel.

This is the first time that the IDF has officially and medically referred to the cooperation between the 90th Brigade and Hezbollah and Iran. So far, we have seen such a reference in routine proclamations issued by the Syrian Golan Heights after IDF attacks.

The IDF raises its bar in its threats and attempts to stop the cooperation between the 90th Brigade and Hezbollah and Iran in soft ways, before it has to take direct actions against the personalities themselves.

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Robert Mcmaster 19:39 26.11.2021
The Israelis have always showed patience, the enemy has taken advantage of there kindness and patience. Don't let this happen again, if You have proof of collaboration, turn them against each other
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