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Iran ranked at the top of the global "terror index" for 2022

The Institute for Economics and Peace placed Iran alongside Kenya and Yemen in the annual report of the "Global Terrorism Index" that it published.

This report, published on the institute's website on Wednesday, March 16, announced a five-point drop in Iran's position in the 2022 Global Terrorism Index.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, awarded 5.6 points (out of 10 points) to Iran in the ranking and placed it in 21st place, alongside Kenya and Yemen, in terms of the global terrorism index.

Afghanistan is in the worst position in the world with 8.8 points.

This report adds that seven terrorist attacks took place in Iran last year, resulting in the death of 42 people. This is despite the fact that in 2021 only three people were killed in six terrorist attacks.

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Dalya Horowitz 13:27 17.03.2023