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Terror attack foiled in the Old City of Jerusalem

Teenage terrorist plotting stabbing attack nabbed with knife in Jerusalem’s Old City.

A teenage Arab terrorist carrying a knife was arrested in the Old City of Jerusalem Saturday night, police reported Sunday morning.

Authorities say the terrorist, a 14-year-old resident of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, had been planning on carrying out a stabbing attack in the Old City, but was foiled when police patrolling the Old City and a local security guard spotted the terrorist and became suspicious.

Officers ordered the suspect to submit to a search, during which the knife was found on his person.

Police arrested the terrorist, who is slated to be brought before a judge Sunday morning for an extension of his arrest.

“This is another example of the professionalism of the Jerusalem district police officers and Border Police officers working in the city in the ongoing fight against terrorism,” said Jerusalem District police superintendent Doron Turgemon.

“The vigilance of the police officers, their quick response and pursuit are what led to the arrest of the suspect who was suspected of planning to carry out an attack with a knife he had in his possession.”

“In the face of terrorist threats, there is no substitute for the determined activity of our police officers who are constantly working to thwart hostile terrorist activity and deal with any security threat. We will continue to fight terrorism with all the tools at our disposal and thwart terrorist threats of any kind for the sake of the security of the citizens of the State of Israel.”

Image - Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

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