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Syria’s Assad arrives in China for first visit in almost 20 years

BEIJING: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has arrived in the east Chinese city of Hangzhou, kicking off his first visit to the Asian nation since 2004 as he makes further strides to end over a decade of diplomatic isolation amid Western sanctions.

Al-Assad arrived aboard an Air China plane amid heavy fog, which Chinese state media said “added to the atmosphere of mystery” in a nod to the fact the Syrian leader has seldom been seen since the start of a civil war that has claimed over half a million lives.

Al-Assad is due to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games along with more than a dozen foreign dignitaries, the foreign ministry said earlier.

In a statement on Tuesday, Al-Assad’s presidential office said he would lead a senior delegation for a series of meetings in several Chinese cities, including a summit with President Xi Jinping.

Al-Assad last visited China in 2004 to meet then-President Hu Jintao. It was the first visit by a Syrian head of state to China since the countries established diplomatic ties in 1956.

China — like Syria’s main allies Russia and Iran — maintained those ties even as other countries isolated Assad over his brutal crackdown of anti-government demonstrations that erupted in 2011.

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Services 808 04:20 23.09.2023
Chinese military based in Syria? Get ready for it. Assad is in financial penury with no funds & no one to turn to. China will buy Syria.
08:18 22.09.2023
If the world is lucky, China will treat him like they treated the real Antony Blinken with a bullet to the head. This new fake Blinken doesn’t look much like the real one.