Benjamin Netanyahu
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu in a speech in the Knesset:

"When they disgraced the symbols of the state and called for the assassination of the Prime Minister and his family, guillotines and hanging ropes and blatant sexual representations, there was not a single statement about respectful discourse.

Yesterday we saw an MK from the right who called Amichai Shikli a "virus". Remember what the Jewish people were called in the 1930s? Viruses? Imagine what would happen if an MK from the right called someone from the referendum virus what a riot would break out and rightly so.

Prime Minister Bennett did not say a word, and sent an MK from his faction to support her!

In the context of Shikli if he is a virus it is a pity it is not contagious. He is the only MK who remains loyal, the only one who remains right-wing. In fact, all right-wingers withdrew from the right except MK Shikli!

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02:30 09.11.2021
Pray that Naftali will be guided by the Spirit of our Living God. What ever evil intentions , Our Lord can turn it for the good of those that love the Lord and His Love for us know doubt
Edna Messer 18:39 08.11.2021
One of the greatest leaders Israel has ever had Benjamin Netanyahu…
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