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Hezbollah is killing Lebanon

In the past Lebanon was called "Switzerland of the Middle East" or "Paris of the Middle East", those days are long gone.

Lebanon is currently in a deep financial and political crisis, and its people are starving. They survive (barely) only on outside support from relatives or charities. There is no more work for citizens who are not Hezbollah. Despite the crisis, Hezbollah finds it necessary to attack (via direct or proxy) and threaten Israel, and adds the threat of war with Lebanese citizens who have been abducted more than once because of Hezbollah

How did Lebanon get there? If you ask any Lebanese person this question, you will probably hear that the corrupt Lebanese politicians have brought Lebanon to this point. This is a standard answer. Indeed, the vast majority of Lebanese politicians are corrupt. Or even most likely everyone is corrupt to some degree.

The Lebanese economy relies heavily on the sponsorships and contributions of France and the US, its Muslim peoples from around the world will not really come to its aid in times of need. In Lebanon it is almost impossible to get far in politics or business without being corrupt. More or less, the complete collapse of Lebanon today is much more due to political corruption.

The collapse of the country seems closer than ever, shortages of food, medical equipment, water, electricity, fuel The recipe for the destruction of Lebanon has already been prepared and implemented by Hezbollah.

It is not for nothing that Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said last week that he would import fuel from Iran, and alas for the US and Israel if they do anything to the tanker. He also said this sentence in the bunker but put the Lebanese citizens at the forefront in a moment of escalation.

The Iranian cancer brought the Hezbollah cancer that was dropped everywhere it went. Lowering metastases is nice but it does not uproot the disease itself.

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Pamela Lovejoy 01:26 28.03.2022
It was a beautiful place and now it got bombed. So sad ๐Ÿ˜ž.
Anna Payton 16:35 11.01.2022
So sad
Pamela Hackner 14:13 11.01.2022
Pre the 70's Lebanon was a Peaceful country, until the Muslim Arabs moved into Lebanon causing civil war, the Christian Arabs hated them.
John E. 12:56 11.01.2022
Will these countries ever learn. . the greatest protection that Israel has is the one true God , Israel is Gods Son, Your fighting is turned against you
Dixie Crim 12:43 11.01.2022
So sad
Judith Wilkerson 05:11 24.08.2021
The pictures of before & after hezbollah shows satanism uncontrolled. I pray Israel, USA & other allies are prepared for this. I believe they are but itโ€™s cause for concern. Shalom
Judith Wilkerson 05:07 24.08.2021
Threatening innocent lives upon interference of the shipping oil illegally. Sounds like kidnapping w/ threats of murder. Humanitarians are where? Shalom
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