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Video: There’s a robot making my pizza!

Robots in the kitchen? What was wrong with the old-fashioned way of preparing a pie? Hyper’s solution is a 40-foot container fitted with easily configurable robots that can prepare the dough, sprinkle the cheese, toss on toppings and put the pie in the oven before transferring it to a warming box, sliced and ready for delivery.

Staff comprises some 20% of the costs of running a pizza chain. Robots, on the other hand, never get sick and never need vacations or cigarette breaks. 

Robots don’t make mistakes. They don’t use ingredients that have passed their expiration dates and they never forget to wear their protective gloves. A self-contained “plug and play” robotic system can even monitor the air quality, so everything stays hygienic.

Consistency. A human worker may make a great pizza at the beginning of his or her shift, but after eight hours, a customer might get a sub-optimal pie.

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Michael Nicholls 03:17 05.12.2022
Replacement of mankind
Dean Davis 01:22 05.12.2022
Cool idea. I must say, ""No!" Keep humans cooking and serving!!"
Rene Aguiluz 00:05 05.12.2022